The International School of Älmhult

Meet the world

At the International School of Älmhult, we are encouraging our students to become international individuals. This means that broad-mindedness is our educational platform. It means an internationally based curriculum and a multi-cultural environment. We currently have students from 42 different nationalities. It also means that all our teaching is done in English.  

Join the family

The school employs a staff of fully trained teachers with an international background. We can boast with teachers from 23 different nationalities. All the teachers working with implementing the programmes of learning within the school attend official IBO workshops.

Our Vision

At ISÄ, our vision is to inspire a love of life-long learning through collaboration, communication, and a drive to take positive actions in our environment.

Mission Statement

We are a diverse community of learners who are commited to continuously strive for the development of a better world. We are all learners who aim to be knowledgeable, reflective and caring.

The teachers and administrators are dedicated to putting our students' needs first and creating a safe learning environment for all stakeholders. We believe in a holistic approach to teaching and learning; and we believe that an inquiry-driven and concept-based programme creates sustainable learning. We encourage natural curiousity, critical thinking, and cultural sensitivity. We embrace thought-provoking ideas and celebrate our differences, which we believe enrich the environment- We welcome the responsibility to prepare our students for the demands of an ever-changing world. We have an inclusive approach and aim to meet the each individuals' needs inside and outside of the classroom. We value democracy and gender equality highly and we see each other as equally important in the organisation.

We are an IB school in Sweden and a municipal school. Professionalism-- openness and engagement are important values in our school, as well as the rest of the municipality. 

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